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Metro, stations & public art
Our newest tour scheduled for this winter bring you into the Metro de Montreal, letting you touring AND stay warm. Opened in 1966, the construction of the Montreal metro was a fascinating journey for many reasons, which we will tell you along the way.

This unique tour takes you to 8 different metro stations, travelling by train between each of them. Those stops along way will provide the background to telling the history of the metro, as well as anecdotes and stories about what goes on behind-the-scene.

Since it opened, the Montreal metro has also been a vast art gallery. From the figurative art of the early years to later contemporary art, each station along the way have one or several pieces that you will get to know better through this tour.

Please note:
The price of this tour does not include the metro daypass (11$), which you will need to join the tour. We didn't include it as many tourists or residents already have one.
The lenght of the tour may vary between 2:00 and 2:30 hours. It will depends, of course, of the waiting time for the train between each stop. We also cannot control any stop of service in the metro.

(This tour is available all year round as a private tour only)
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