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Indoor City Tour
Heard about the great underground city of Montreal? Urban Marmotte have an entire walking tour of 4 hours in it! Using the amazing network of the indoor city of Montreal, you will walk around 6km of the 33km of passages and tunnels.

How it began, how it works, what's under, how it is use on the day to day life, etc. You'll understand it and see that it is not just shopping centers. We also take the time to visit parts of downtown, Quartier des Spectacles and International Quarter. This is the most complete indoor-city tour in Montreal
Also perfect for a cold or rainy day.

Please note that we will go outside few minutes from time to time to show you some outside features or just to get oriented. Time outside may vary depending of the weather.

This tour start inside Lucien-L'Allier metro station, on the street level

(This tour is scheduled from January to March and is also available all year round as a private tour)
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