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To really appreciate a city like Montreal, you must take the time to explore it. Urban Marmotte understand that and offer long walking tours. So you can discover Montreal by the nicest and most social way: by foot. And during winter, Urban Marmotte is back with its (highly appreciate) tour of the amazing Underground City. We also offer you a new tour for this winter, a tour of the metro of Montreal and its stations!

Our tours are flexible and capture the backpacker's spirit: no rush, easy going, very informative and enjoyable. Our tours are a good mix of main attractions and places that are off the beaten tracks. While our itineraries are not formatted, they can be adapted as much as possible to traveller's interests in the group and to the general feeling. Even the language is adapted. In English, in French or both, depending who's talking what in the group.

See touristic spots as much as well kept secret places. With our professional and licensed guides, you'll see the city differently.

Pick a touring day in the calendar and reserve your spot. Advance booking is preferable but it is also possible to call on the same day of a tour. We are travellers too, we know that some decision are taken at the last minute!
Indoor City Tour
An entire tour of this amazing underground city network. More...
4 hours tour
Metro, stations & public art
To know more about the metro and public art within. More...
2-2½ hours tour
Urban Marmotte Grand Tour
Our signature. A tour taking you into many different areas. More...
6 hours tour
Old Montreal in Depth
Take the time this historical area desserve. More...
3 hours tour
Old Montreal by night
To see the Old Montreal at its best. More...
2½-3 hours tour
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