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Old Montreal By Night
This one is our newest tour and is a unique experience. This is the only walking tour running at night and its really worth it. The Old Montreal is simply gorgeous when the sky is dark and the old building and paved street are lighted. The ambiance is also different and the area is less crowded.

This is a very unusual way to discover the Old Montreal. As all of our tour, this one is very informative but also, very visual. Bring your camera along... you'll need it.

Think about it: Keeping the visit of Old Montreal for the evening, leave you the day to explore other part of the city.

And if you were thinking of going out after, don't worry. The tour end early enough to enjoy the nightlife or a brewpub after. With sneakers or heels, you'll be welcome on that tour!

(This tour is scheduled from June to September and is also available all year round as a private tour)
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